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As you know, running a successful chiropractic practice is a juggling act. You need clinical expertise to provide impeccable care to your patients. You also need the know-how to run a small business. You’ve probably been well prepared by your education and experience for the technical ins and outs of chiropractic practice. Yet what training has prepared you to run a business?

The E-Myth Chiropractor fills this knowledge gap, giving you a complete toolkit for either starting a successful practice from scratch or maximizing an existing practice’s performance. Loaded with practical, powerful advice you can implement easily, this one-stop guide enables you to realize all the benefits that come with a thriving chiropractic business.

Combining the wisdom of renowned business development expert Michael E. Gerber and the chiropractic expertise of Dr. Frank Sovinsky, The E-Myth Chiropractor equips you to:

  • Rethink your practice, shifting from tactical thinking (working “in” your business) to strategic thinking (working “on” your business)
  • Liberate yourself from the predictable and often overwhelming tyranny of unprofitable, unproductive, and time-consuming routines
  • Manage those processes through which people get things done, which becomes your Management System - for everything you do
  • Implement innovative systems to produce consistent results as your practice grows
  • Create the story about your practice; this story becomes the heart of your practice



FRANK R. SOVINSKY, DC is Co-Founder and CEO of DC Mentors, a client-centered practice-management company dedicated to transforming the way chiropractors grow their practices. His passion and genius for understanding human behavior and motivation, combined with his pragmatic approach to the business of chiropractic, are the reasons his clients are thriving. He lives with his wife, Cathy, in Tahoe City, CA.

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Praise for the E-Myth Chiropractor

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“One of my prized possessions is a 1986 first edition hardbound copy of The E-Myth. Now it is joined by this volume, which successfully adapts the time-tested E-Myth principles for the chiropractor and chiropractic practice. Most chiropractors wanted a practice, but discovered that it’s a small business. Congratulations for providing a roadmap for integrating the Practitioner’s Brain with the Business Brain!” 
William D. Esteb
Patient Media
"As an entrepreneur, I have been a big "E-Myth" and Michael Gerber fan for years. Great idea to specialize! I've found Gerber's insight and perspective on small businesses and their pitfalls to be spot on. Breaking the concept down into specifics with Dr. Sovinsky as a chiropractor magnifies the relevance for ALL chiropractors. Read more...
"After reading the E-Myth Chiropractor, and then going through and reading it again with more focus. A few things stood out. I have heard Michael Gerber's explanation of McDonalds many times in the past from him and from other business Gurus but I never really thought how it could truly work in a chiropractic office. I have always worked with the thought that a chiropractic office ran on the personal energy of the Chiropractor. The reason that certain chiropractors were more successful than others was because their personalities trumped their business acumen (Of course, I know that not to be true now). A big take away for me was to create a business that is worth selling, even if you don't plan on selling. But, realistically we are all going to have to leave it sooner or later. As Dr. Sovinsky says in the book, why not make it on our terms. "
Rich Sadowski D.C.
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