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Running a successful small accounting firm is a juggling act. You need expertise in your practice area to provide services to clients. You also need the know-how to run a small business. You've probably been well prepared by your education and experience for the technical ins and outsof accounting. Yet what training has prepared you to run a business?

The E-Myth Accountant fills this knowledge gap, giving you a complete toolkit for either starting a successful practice from scratch or maximizing an existing practice's performance. Full of useful, powerful advice you can implement easily, this soup-to-nuts guide enables you to reap all the benefits that come with a thriving accounting services firm.

Combining the wisdom of renowned business development expert Michael E. Gerber and the accounting knowledge of M. Darren Root, The E-Myth Accountant equips you to:

  • Liberate yourself from the predictable and often overwhelming tyranny of unprofitable, unproductive, and time-consuming routines
  • Transform yourself from a successful technician (accountant) into a successful accountant-manager-entrepreneur
  • Rethink your practice, shifting from tactical thinking (working "in" your business) to strategic thinking (working "on" your business)
  • Stop trading time for dollars
  • Manage those processes through which people get things done, which becomes your management system—for everything you do
  • Implement innovative systems to produce consistent results as your practice grows
  • Take the sanctity of time seriously, blocking time for entrepreneurial work and using a weekly planning tool
  • Create the story about your practice; this story becomes the heart of your practice
Leading an accounting practice can seem like a daunting task, with too few hours in the day, too many petty management issues, and problems accountants at Big Four and similar large accounting firms don't seem to face. The E-MythAccountant offers you a clear road map to create a business that's self sufficient, growing, and highly profitable. Take your practice to levels you didn't think possible with this unique guide!


Darren Root

M. DARREN ROOT, CPA, CITP is CEO of Root & Associates, a nationally recognized speaker, and Executive Editor of the accounting profession’s leading technical trade publication, The CPA Technology Advisor. Darren has also built a world-class organization dedicated to educating accountants on transforming from technicians to savvy business leaders and building Next Generation Accounting Firms™. Darren’s passion to change the way firms work, combined with twenty-five years of practical experience and technology expertise, has enabled him to emerge as a thought leader and trusted coach to small and mid-sized accounting firms across the country.

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Praise for the E-Myth Accountant

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"Saying that The E-Myth Accountant is a must-read is an understatement. For many in our profession, this book is the proverbial missing link between the advice others rely on us to provide and how we apply that advise in our own business. Michael and Darren do a masterful job of binding together a powerfully motivating book and a step-by-step guide on transforming a working practice into a thriving business."
Teresa Mackintosh, CPA, CITP
senior vice president and general manager, Professional Market, Thomason Reuters
"Darren's insite on accounting firms combined with Michael's original E-Myth vision and methodology have resulted in a book that can help all conscientious accountants improve their lives and firms while providing new levels of client service."
Randy Johnston
executive vice president, Network Management Group, Inc.
"Read it and then do it. There's probably no professional who could benefit more from the E-Myth principles than the accounting firm owner, and longtime accounting professional and firm owner Darren Root understands that better than anyone. This book offers powerful and practical direction from two business leaders that will change your personal and professional lives."
Mike Sabbatis
president and CEO, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
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