"I do not know of anyone else in the industry that has as high a level of competence in aiding clients with insurance solutions as Michael. We have had the privilege of supporting him for many years at Creative. When Michael speaks to fellow agents, they leave with a new perspective on how to improve their practice."
Mike Tripses
CEO, Creative Marketing
"Michael Steranka has consistently demonstrated huge production levels. Mike has created a system that achieves extraordinary results. Producers wanting to get to the next level would be well served by listening, learning, and following Mike’s coaching."
Mark Heitz
president, sales and distribution, Aviva Life and Annuity
"I am very proud of my brother, Mike! I am continually impressed with his ability to explain complex financial matters in everyday terms."
Joe Steranka, CEO
PGA of America
"Michael Steranka has outlined how to systematize your planning practice. This is a must-read for all advisors looking to grow their practice!"
Ed Slott, CPA
founder, IRAhelp.com

"The E-Myth Financial Advisor provides the necessary course of action to set up a successful financial advisory firm. I have met Mike, and he has an ability to make his ideas come to life. I strongly encourage you to read and act on his recommendations."
Darren Root, CPA, CITP
CEO, RootWorks;
co-author, The E-Myth Accountant;
president and founder, Root & Associates