Dr. Sovinsky clearly has an understanding of our profession and the challenges we face as business owners trying desperately to balance having a life while running a business. I thoroughly enjoyed his message which left me inspired and extremely empowered to create the impactful business I envisioned years ago. This is a must read for any chiropractor or student. It's clear to see that being an outstanding clinician isn't enough - it's essential to master sound business systems that simplify customer/client contact and accessibility.

The takeaway: You will find NO gimmicks or questionable strategies here - just clean, sound action steps to BE a better you, build a better business and to see your business differently than you ever have. Taking great care of patient's, having more fun doing what you love, and having more fulfilling relationships with family and your finances means you WIN! Good reading- Our profession needs this message!! "
Wade E. Anunson