"After reading the E-Myth Chiropractor, and then going through and reading it again with more focus. A few things stood out. I have heard Michael Gerber's explanation of McDonalds many times in the past from him and from other business Gurus but I never really thought how it could truly work in a chiropractic office. I have always worked with the thought that a chiropractic office ran on the personal energy of the Chiropractor. The reason that certain chiropractors were more successful than others was because their personalities trumped their business acumen (Of course, I know that not to be true now). A big take away for me was to create a business that is worth selling, even if you don't plan on selling. But, realistically we are all going to have to leave it sooner or later. As Dr. Sovinsky says in the book, why not make it on our terms. "
Rich Sadowski D.C.