" No doubt...if I were to give one book to any student graduating from Chiropractic College it would be this one. I only wish I had it when I graduated....I'd be much further ahead. I can virtually guarantee that if you follow the principles and steps laid out in this book (with a little guidance and mentorship along the way) you will make that massive student debt disappear so fast, it will spin your head.....and then you can live the life you dreamed of....on your terms....with your own legacy. And I haven't even told you the best part yet....the truly more fulfilling reason to build the practice of your dreams. The PATIENTS, the PEOPLE you serve! A stress-free practice and life means you serve for the right reasons and in the most ethical way imagine. No gimmicks, no pressure....just providing an extraordinary experience, making them feel extraordinarily cared for.....isn't that why we became chiropractors in the first place? "
Jason Whittaker, DC