“One of my prized possessions is a 1986 first edition hardbound copy of The E-Myth. Now it is joined by this volume, which successfully adapts the time-tested E-Myth principles for the chiropractor and chiropractic practice. Most chiropractors wanted a practice, but discovered that it’s a small business. Congratulations for providing a roadmap for integrating the Practitioner’s Brain with the Business Brain!” 
William D. Esteb
Patient Media

"As an entrepreneur, I have been a big "E-Myth" and Michael Gerber fan for years. Great idea to specialize! I've found Gerber's insight and perspective on small businesses and their pitfalls to be spot on. Breaking the concept down into specifics with Dr. Sovinsky as a chiropractor magnifies the relevance for ALL chiropractors.

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"After reading the E-Myth Chiropractor, and then going through and reading it again with more focus. A few things stood out. I have heard Michael Gerber's explanation of McDonalds many times in the past from him and from other business Gurus but I never really thought how it could truly work in a chiropractic office. I have always worked with the thought that a chiropractic office ran on the personal energy of the Chiropractor. The reason that certain chiropractors were more successful than others was because their personalities trumped their business acumen (Of course, I know that not to be true now). A big take away for me was to create a business that is worth selling, even if you don't plan on selling. But, realistically we are all going to have to leave it sooner or later. As Dr. Sovinsky says in the book, why not make it on our terms. "
Rich Sadowski D.C.

"I love The E-Myth Chiropractor! Michael E. Gerber and Dr. Frank Sovinsky have partnered to share their wisdom in this informative how-to book. Their wisdom is a blend of intellectual knowledge and life experience, plus reflection on what works. A must-have in every DC’s library. The E-Myth Chiropractor holds keys to open the door to success in your practice and fulfillment in your life. All you have to do is open the book, turn the page, read, and apply."
Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock, BSc, DC, DICCP
CEO, Girls Gals Gurus Inc.
author, Pearls of Wisdom: Pure and Powerful

" No doubt...if I were to give one book to any student graduating from Chiropractic College it would be this one. I only wish I had it when I graduated....I'd be much further ahead. I can virtually guarantee that if you follow the principles and steps laid out in this book (with a little guidance and mentorship along the way) you will make that massive student debt disappear so fast, it will spin your head.....and then you can live the life you dreamed of....on your terms....with your own legacy. And I haven't even told you the best part yet....the truly more fulfilling reason to build the practice of your dreams. The PATIENTS, the PEOPLE you serve! A stress-free practice and life means you serve for the right reasons and in the most ethical way imagine. No gimmicks, no pressure....just providing an extraordinary experience, making them feel extraordinarily cared for.....isn't that why we became chiropractors in the first place? "
Jason Whittaker, DC

" A brilliant book from two of the most brilliant minds in their respective fields. Dr. Sovinsky and Michael Gerber combine their expertise to provide a long overdue approach to creating a successful chiropractic business without the hardsell and gimmicks that plague our profession. I love the authenticity, simplicity and integrity this book provides and encourages in its strategies. Most of all, I really love the fact that creating a great practice doesn't mean giving up a life. In fact, a great life and business are really inseparable using the E-Myth approach.

Congratulations to Dr. Sovinsky and Mr. Gerber for creating a book that will not only help Chiropractors, but will surely change the Chiropractic profession! "

Dr. Sean Orr, DC

"This is a must read book for all Chiropractors out there. Despite our best intentions our profession is simply not making the huge impact on our society that it could and should! Well this book will help correct this and will inevitably change the future of chiropractic. This book offers Hope with a Plan. And unlike so many of the quick fix, unethical practice management books and "gurus" out there, finally here is something that offers real advice to help you build the practice of your dreams - one that is patient centered and patient focused. One that will have longevity! The brutal reality is that there are no short cuts to success! Between the 2 authors they manage to identify all the major pitfalls in practice and outline strategies necessary to combat these problems. They do it in a very simple and articulate way, discussing both the theory and the practical steps! Buy it today!"
Dr. Ed

" I don't exactly read TON of chiropractic business books, but this is the best I have read in a while. It doesn't get into the specifics of a lot of things, but works at developing a VIEW of your practice, money, patients, and life. It helped to change my thoughts from merely technical to more managerial. "
Benjamin J. Stevens "Perpetual Student"

"This is a must-read for all chiropractors, no matter what age you are or what stage you are at in your career. The book covers many areas of practice. One of the most interesting for me was managing a staff, which the book says is impossible. However, the authors do tell you how to manage the process, which is possible. This book will take a real burden off the doctor and let him or her do what he or she does best, which is getting people well."
Arlan W. Fuhr, DC
co-founder and CEO, Activator Methods International